Discover a wealth of co-teaching resources designed to empower educators and enhance collaborative teaching practices. Our comprehensive collection includes lesson plans, instructional strategies, assessment tools, and professional development materials tailored to meet the diverse needs of students in inclusive classrooms. Whether you’re new to co-teaching or seeking to deepen your collaboration skills, our resources provide practical guidance and support to foster a dynamic learning environment where every student can thrive. From effective communication strategies to differentiated instruction techniques, our resources are designed to help educators create engaging, equitable, and inclusive learning experiences for all learners. Explore our co-teaching resources today and take your teaching to new heights of success!

Strategies Toolkit

A comprehensive collection of effective strategies for co-teachers to enhance collaboration and support diverse learners in the classroom.


This handbook covers co-planning, communication strategies, classroom management, differentiation, and assessment in the context of co-teaching.

Principles & Practices

This resource was designed to provide a comprehensive guide to co-teaching, covering fundamental principles, practical strategies, and real-world examples.

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