Train the Trainer Co-Teaching Workshops

We offer intense two day train the trainer workshops that provide a foundation in co-teaching. We encourage participants to enroll as a team – preferably with 3-5 colleagues so that they can discuss adaptations, modifications, changes, and implications in their own program. A team also provides support as participants return to their institution/school district and begin to implement co-teaching in their own program. Co-Teaching should be a programmatic shift – not an individual initiative. We offer Train the Trainer workshops with a focus in:
Co-Teaching as a model for Student Teaching - Two Locations/Dates Available!
Buffalo, NY (February 28 & March 1, 2019)
Minneapolis, MN (May 20 & 21, 2019)
Co-Teaching between Two Licensed Teachers (SPED/GenED/EL)
Minneapolis, MN (May 16 & 17, 2019)

Online Co-Teaching Foundational Workshop

This 75 minute co-teaching foundational workshop provides the basic information needed for participants to begin utilizing co-teaching. This engaging video, delivered by co-teaching experts Dr.'s Heck and Bacharach, provides the necessary foundational information that will assist your co-teaching pairs in getting off to a great start. This workshop is intended for use by teacher preparation programs and school districts implementing a co-teaching in student teaching model; and designed for their cooperating teachers, teacher candidates, university supervisors, faculty and administration. For a one time purchase price, institutions can provide the online training for years to come. Purchaser must agree to host the training on a secure server and provide access to only their university personnel and school partners.

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Color (PCI) Online Training

This training is available to any participant who has completed the Co-Teaching Train the Trainer Program through TWH Co-Teaching/Consulting. The online Colors training provides the participant a license to use the Personality Color Indicator (PCI) from “What Color Is Your Personality” developed by Dr. Carol Ritberger in their co-teaching workshops.

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Co-Teaching Handbook – Mentoring Teacher Candidates Through Co-Teaching.

This handbook (reprinted 2014) includes detailed information on the history of co-teaching, what co-teaching is and is not, and why you would incorporate co-teaching into your student teaching program. In addition, the handbook provides achievement data comparing 3 types of classrooms:

  • a classroom co-taught with a teacher candidate and a cooperating teacher;
  • a classroom with one licensed teacher alone, and;
  • a classrooms using the traditional model of student teaching.

The handbook also includes training and activity ideas for cooperating teachers, teacher candidates and university supervisors; strategies for co-planning and co-teaching; some obstacles to be aware of, along with related costs and resources you may need to begin a program.

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DVD: Changing Student Teaching Through Co-Teaching: Collaboration That Makes A Difference:

This 75 minute DVD includes footage from co-taught classrooms, interviews with teacher candidates, cooperating teachers, and school and university administrators, all of whom have participated in the co-teaching initiative. The DVD is divided into 7 chapters; it is intended to be used as a training tool or resource for learning more about co-teaching in student teaching. Available as a download; purchaser must agree to host the video on a secure server and allow access to only their university personnel and school partners.

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TWH Co-Teaching also provides Consultation services; we will work with you to individualize professional development, workshops and trainings to fit your university or school co-teaching needs. Please Contact Us for more information