The University of Southern Indiana has used the Co-Teaching Model for student teachers for many years. Several administrators in the Teacher Education Department attended the Train-the-Trainer workshops at St. Cloud. The information and resources received at this training continue to be used with our teacher candidates and cooperating teachers. In addition, whenever we now have a question or need information, Dr. Heck and Dr. Bacharach are quick to respond to our emails. USI was pleased with the initial training and continues to be very satisfied with services provided by St. Cloud.

Co-Teaching has become an integral part of Millikin University’s teacher education program. I was fortunate enough to attend more than one of the co-teaching workshops presented by Dr. Teresa Washut Heck and Dr. Nancy Bacharach and their wonderful team from St. Cloud State University. They were an inspiration to everyone in attendance at those workshops. Because of these workshops, Millikin University incorporated co-teaching into their teacher education program for all students. I cannot speak highly enough of the support we received from Dr. Heck and Bacharach through the workshops and beyond while we were setting up our program. We attended introductory workshops, train-the-trainer workshops, had Dr. Heck and her colleagues present our first workshop to teachers and students, and used their expertise as a resource as we continued to implement and make co-teaching fit into the Millikin University teacher education program. They were always available for questions and willing to help with problems which arose as we moved forward. Although I am retired from Millikin, I continue to keep up with the co-teaching program. I see it as an extremely valuable tool for students and teachers before, during and beyond student teaching. Without the workshops and backing of Dr. Heck and the St. Cloud team, we would not have been able to make co-teaching the successful part of the Millikin University’s teacher education program that it is today.

Sheila LungstromSheila LungstromSCSU/742 Liaison

Attending a Train- the-Trainer Co-teaching workshop was a worthwhile experience! Teresa Washut Heck and Nancy Bacharach provided an engaging and fun workshop which truly prepared me to be able to train cooperating teachers and teacher candidates in the Co-Teaching model. I appreciated how thorough the training was and the resources that were shared. Teresa and Nancy were flawless and passionate in their presentations and demonstrated the Co-teaching model very effectively!

I'm the director of a grant-funded project that involves a consortium of teacher preparation programs. At the beginning of our program, one of our reform initiatives was to alter our clinical practice model to be a co-teaching model of mentoring. We've sent over 50 individuals through the train-the-trainer PD, including higher education and school district partners.