Changing Student Teaching Through Co-Teaching DVD (Download)


Changing Student Teaching Through Co-Teaching:
Collaboration That Makes A Difference
This 75 minute video includes footage from co-taught classrooms, interviews with teacher candidates, cooperating teachers, and school and university administrators, all of whom have participated in co-teaching. The video is divided into 7 chapters; it is intended to be used as a training tool or resource for learning more about co-teaching in student teaching. 

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Chapter 1 | Introduction (5:46)

Chapter 2 | Why Co-Teach? (12:18) (Watch preview below)

Chapter 3 | Implementing Co-Teaching (12:26) (Watch preview below)

Chapter 4 | Co-Teaching Strategies (13:30) (Watch preview below)

Chapter 5 | Data & Assessment of Co-Teaching (16:07) (Watch preview below)

Chapter 6 | Co-Teaching in the “Real World” (5:40) (Watch preview below)

Chapter 7 | Summary (2:07) (Watch preview below)