This 75 minute co-teaching foundational workshop provides the basic information needed for participants to begin utilizing co-teaching. This engaging video, delivered by co-teaching experts Dr.'s Heck and Bacharach, provides the necessary foundational information that will assist your co-teaching pairs in getting off to a great start. This workshop is intended for use by teacher preparation programs and school districts implementing a co-teaching in student teaching model, and designed for their cooperating teachers, teacher candidates, university supervisors, faculty and administration.
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You now have access to the same co-teaching foundational workshop that was developed by St. Cloud State University, home of the nationally recognized and award winning co-teaching in student teaching program.The workshop includes:

  • Why Co-Teach?
  • Common Language
  • Qualitative and Quantitate data
  • Roles of the Members of the Triad
  • Stages of Concern
  • Seven Co-Teaching Strategies and examples for implementation

As educators, we know how difficult and costly and it can be to provide in-service and training for your personnel. With this online training option, participants engage in the workshop at a time and place that works best for them.

Online training provides:

  • consistency in the content and delivery of the material
  • opportunities for participants to go back and review
  • a cost effective alternative to on-site training

An average on-site workshop may run from $50-$100 (or more) per participant. Eliminate travel expenses, food and venue costs, parking, materials, and presenter expenses. The cost to purchase this training video is less than you would pay for one in-service workshop. Purchase today and have the training available for years.

For colleges and universities, the one-time price of the online workshop is determined by the size of your teacher education program (number of completers). School district costs are based on district enrollment. To get a price quote click here